Candidate Relations

  1. It is important that all candidates be aware that LHI must first represent the interests of the client. Nonetheless, we believe in maintaining a client-like professional relationship with all candidates.
  2. Candidates will receive all available information on the career opportunity being presented. LHI may be operating under a confidentiality agreement with our client, thus certain client information may not be available.
  3. LHI provides client feedback to candidates as soon as the information becomes available. In doing so, we believe in the timely reply to all candidate telephone calls and e-mail transmissions.Candidate Relations
  4. LHI will offer professional opinion on a candidate’s resume but will not write or rewrite a resume. We believe that the candidate should be the thought leader and subject matter expert behind their resume. Candidate career subtleties will be communicated to our client via our executive summary or executive brief writings.
  5. All candidates have the right to confidentiality. Candidate career and/or compensation history will not be transmitted to prospective employers without express candidate permission.
  6. LHI endeavors to meet all candidates face-to-face. Under certain searches, a face-to-face interview is required. Evening and weekend appointments are available. Telephone interviews are conducted before and after normal business hours and on Weekends.
  7. All candidates must understand that LHI is a facilitator in the executive search process, not a principal or employer in the hiring process or transaction. Therefore, candidates must rely on our client (your prospective employer) for the final terms, conditions and specifications of employment.
  8. LHI is an equal opportunity executive search firm.