Executive Search Offerings

Fill Your Ranks with World Class Executive Talent

Save time and effort on executive recruitment with guidance from LHI. Our executive search firm provides a full range of services that give you access to candidates that fit your profile. Improve the ranks of your company’s top level with assistance from our executive search firm in New York City.

Schedule of Client Services

LHI provides executive search and recruitment services under the 3 following alternatives:

Retained Search

Retained searches are negotiated individually and employ a unique discovery process in developing a contract. The primary advantage to a retained search is that it guarantees your company that a position will be filled with the very best available candidate within a specified period of time. This option will provide your company with a dedicated team of researchers who contact every potentially qualified candidate to discuss your opportunity, as well as seasoned consultants who then screen the available pool of talent and interview them to determine their ultimate fit with your company.

Retained searches tend to be ideal for the most senior-level positions, mission-critical positions and confidential searches. Typically, LHI retained searches are contracted under a one-time advanced payment of $5,000 to $10,000 against a total fee of 25% of the successful candidate’s first-year total compensation.

Contingency Search

With a contingency search, no fees will be charged to the client until a placement is made. Our fees for contingency recruitment services range from 20% to 25% of the successful candidate’s first-year compensation. Under certain contingency agreements, we will only engage under an exclusive relationship.


Advantages of Contingency Search
  1. Contingency search allows for open competition among search firms, and can thereby result in a broader selection of candidates from which to choose.
  2. Up-front costs are lower, as there are no fees to initiate a search.

However, as most hiring professionals know, there can be problems and pitfalls associated with contingency work as well:

  • If the search becomes protracted or difficult, many contingency firms can simply stop submitting candidates and focus their attention elsewhere. The company cannot  expect or demand performance.
  • Many contingency firms don’t offer significant pre-screening services; if a candidate has the necessary qualifications, they are immediately presented to prevent another firm from  presenting them first. This “race for the send button” can waste a client company’s time.
  • Managing a contingency search can be difficult, time-consuming and risky.
  • Finally, when recruiters call potential candidates, they become (in effect) the agent of your company; whatever presentation or representation they make will affect the  way  that your company is perceived in the broader market.

Advantages of Contingency Search

We maximize the advantages of contingency searches for our clients while minimizing problems. Additionally, we spend a longer time with the client taking a job order, and only submit candidates who are a true fit for the job – the whole job. Moreover, there has been many contingency searches in which we have worked with clients on an exclusive basis, thus minimizing their exposure and potential management difficulties.

We find that a contingency search is often most effective for placing lower and mid-level positions—usually entry-level through middle management. The exceptions to this would be extremely technical or hard-to-fill positions, as well as senior management roles.

Contract Search

LHI developed the contract search to help solve some of the staffing requirements of start-up companies in a phase of rapid growth and expansion. Essentially, it involves several simultaneously conducted contingency searches that are supported by a small monthly retainer.

When a company has 5 or more hard-to-fill openings, they need a firm that will make a plan for recruiting from all of their preset targets, learn more detail about the relevant technologies involved and fill most, if not all, of those positions within 3 to 6 months. With the payment of a monthly retainer, our client gives us the latitude to assign research assistants to this particular project. A member of our executive team will take the lead on the account and pre-screen every candidate before presentation to the client.

When placements are made, they are invoiced as a  contingency search, less any retainer collected. Because this method is carefully tailored to the client’s needs, every contract search is individually negotiated.