Our Search Process

We’re an Extension of Your Team

We Take The Time to Know Your Value Proposition

We understand the urgency associated with filling top-level positions in companies. LHI employs a structured process to search planning and execution, with specific objectives for each phase.

We Take The Time to Know Your Value Proposition

Phase 1: Clear Understanding of Client Company

A thorough due diligence and needs assessment of client organization is vital to achieve a positive and successful search outcome. During this phase, we confer with key decision maker(s) and format

Phase 2: Performance-Based Profile

We partner with your organization to create a performance-based profile for the desired position. We develop a profile to provide clarity for requirements and expectations of the position and present this profile for your review. An additional purpose of this phase is to create a document that can be useful in gaining the attention of prospective candidates.

Phase 3: Researching & Sourcing

Based on the position profile and our client’s stated criteria and preferences, LHI identifies an initial slate of qualified candidates from our network of executive contacts and our proprietary investigative executive methodologies.

Phase 4: Interview & Assessment

We qualify our candidates’ credentials through extensive interviews using behavioral-based and critical career path interview techniques. To accomplish this, we assess in detail the skills, experience, and cultural fit of each candidate to assure that LHI presents only the most qualified candidates to our clients. During the course of this phase, an executive summary or executive brief is presented to our client, highlighting critical candidate information such as: education, source of candidate and interest level in applied-for position, functional and technical background, sales achievements (if applicable), compensation history and expectations, strengths and concerns for applied-for position, interpersonal and communication skill assessment, over recommendation. Specimen executive summaries and executive briefs are available upon request.

Phase 5: Client Interview & Evaluation

LHI facilitates interview scheduling and coordinates all logistics. We offer insight on the candidate’s strengths, experience and ability to meet the company’s current and future needs.

Phase 6: Offer, Negotiation, & Acceptance

If requested, we act as an intermediary through the negotiation process and secure a commitment from the selected candidate. LHI has a considerable expertise and reputation in successfully applying intuitive and behavioral control techniques during the Offer Negotiation and Acceptance Process. LHI believes that no final offer should be made that will not be accepted.

Phase 7: Candidate Communication

We maintain timely and candid communication with all candidates, including those not selected for the position. We believe that treating all parties with respect preserves the client reputation as well as our relationship with each candidate.

Phase 8: Evaluation & Follow Up

We follow up with both the candidate and our client over several months after each search is complete. We trust that communication assures a smooth and effective transition for both parties.